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Selling domains has never been this easy

No matter what kind of domain you have for sale, lease or rent, we make the transfer simple and safe. You’re in complete control of your prices, modals, and how you interact with buyers.

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Lowest commission, Fastest Payouts

Pay us only when you sell

Signing up is completely free. You only pay us a fixed 9% commission fee (excluding VAT, only applicable for EU sellers) when you actually sell a domain. No more, no less.

Bring your own lead

Brought your own lead? In that case, we only charge a fixed 5% fee per sale, instead of 9%. Pretty good deal, right?

Get paid your way

Once we’ve transferred the domain, it’s time to transfer your money. We can send it via PayPal, direct deposit, or other ways. Whatever you fancy.

Fast payouts

Get paid out within 12-24 hours after you’ve delivered the domain to us. No need to wait for the buyer to first transfer the domain. Verified sellers get paid even faster!

Domain Brokerage Services

We have partnered with the legendary domain brokerage firm Media Options™ to democratize access to premium brokerage service for all honmart sellers

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Premium Services

Leading Registrar

Honmart.com combines industry leading domain management and monetization tools with some of the best value domain registration, renewal and transfer prices in the market.

Domain name registration includes Whois privacy, domain monetization, parking management and integrated sales channels as standard.

When you register with Honmart.com you are buying more than a domain, you are obtaining access to one of world’s best domain management systems for the professional domain market.

Sales Network

Built into the core of Honmart.com is an integrated domain sales management platform that provides access to the industry’s largest instant transfer sales network, the Domain Distribution Network.

Domains registered through or transferred into Honmart.com, can be listed for sale at a growing list of registrars, portals and resellers for instant settlement upon sale.

Price management, sales channel assignment and offer handling can all be set and monitored directly within the Honmart.com interface.

Bulk Tools

It is challenging to manage a large domain portfolio. As the owner of one of the world’s largest .com portfolios, we have designed and built Honmart.com with bulk management at it’s core.

Whether you are registering, importing, renewing, selling or parking domains, Honmart.com makes bulk domain management easy with it’s seamless integration of bulk tools.

Industry Expertise

Honmart.com is the professional domain management system built by domainers for domainers. Long before opening to the public, Honmart.com designed and developed tools for managing our own large portfolio of domain names.

As a customer of Honmart.com, you gain access to a proven set of features which have been thoroughly tested to help you maximize performance and financial return.

Parking Program

Wanting to park some or all of your domains? With Honmart.com gain access to our proven, established, high revenue parking program.

With world class click tracking and statistics reporting you have complete, real time performance metrics for all your parked domains.

Choose from a variety of performance optimized parking landers, customize color, layout and images, save templates and apply configurations in bulk across groups of domains.

Full Reporting

In conjunction with world class click tracking and statistics reporting, Honmart.com provides complete statistical analysis of domain and portfolio performance.

Gain a birds eye view of your overall portfolio earnings, lander performance and traffic statistics via the analytics dashboard. Create and save custom reports for easy viewing, or schedule automatic email updates of common reports.